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    About Us
    When life becomes a journey...

    The magazine "Alternative Tourism" has been published since December 2006 across Greece every two-month. Special editions were also sent to our Greek readers all over the world. The magazine, a novelty of the era, with the years, was framed by an amazing group of collaborators/editors, with whom we shared our love for Greece and the alternative tourism, but also the patience and perseverance to highlight the "other" side of our country which is not widely known to many.

    Due to the evolution of technology, we converted the printed version to electronic format ( Nevertheless, we continue to issue collectible volumes. We listen to the needs and capabilities of our readers and collaborators and we move forward for new quests.

    Our articles are based on real trips of our collaborators, who aim to convey their unforgettable experiences and urge the reader to try, dare and discover real Greece! A country with thousands of years of history that "hides" countless cultural, historical, natural and human treasures in every corner.
    We address to the general public, for all budgets and all ages without discrimination.
    Our goal is to travel together, inform and discover the alternative forms of tourism, but also help finding the kind of tourism that suits you!

     We will guide you:

    • To impressive waterfalls, to swim in lakes and in rivers and to be lost in the natural beauties of our country.
    • To explore graphic paths, wetlands and forests.
    • To discover inaccessible beaches and to overnight in traditional and agro tourism accommodation.
    • To ride and enjoy unique mountain and sea routes.
    • To visit folklore museums and to find traditional products in their places of production all over Greece!

    Are you ready?


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