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Paths of Skiathos -

Prefecture of Magnisia

Discover the beautiful green nature of the island of Skiathos by hiking!

For all friends of nature and hiking Skiathos offers 26 hiking routes (130 miles of well marked hiking routes) and also the "Skiathos Trail", a special route with 30 miles distance, which is in certification for Leading Quality Trail!

Walk through shady forests, along bubbling streams, enjoy the intoxicating smell of innumerable medical herbs and have a break in a rustic beach tavern. All hiking routes are well kept and marked. Skiathos hiking center will provide you the Island & Hiking Guide "Hiking in the Aegean Paradise". You can book also a guided hike who will introduce to you the history and nature information of Skiathos. Further offers hiking services with medical herb seminary, adventure hikes, hiking with wine tasting, hiking in Skopelos and much more upon request!

-All Skiathos routes are free available for GPS.

Information about the owner of 

Ortwin Widmann is a German citizen, lover of Greece and drop out. From 1997 he is living in Skiathos with his wife Ursula. During this time he has gotten to know the Greek language, as well as the dances and folkloric songs. He acquainted himself with the local customs and the history of the island and as a lover of nature and enthusiastic hiker he has explored the entire island and its beauty. His Hiking Guide is a collection of information of the most beautiful of those hikes, together with references of the historical background. The Guide also provides noumerous useful tips in order the visitor has readily at hand useful information about the island.

More Information: 
Contact: Ortwin Widmann
Tel: +(30) 6972705416
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

More about Skiathos Island: Skiathos, a paradise for hikers and sailors

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