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Divine Yoga Retreat 2018 at Koroni in Messinia

19-23/8, 27-31/8, 2-6/9: Retreat to be led by Siddhartha Shiv Khanna and Marianna Malliaroudaki.

19-23/8, 27-31/8, 2-6/9: Retreat to be led by Siddhartha Shiv Khanna and Marianna Malliaroudaki.

Introducing Nature/Prakriti, as all-encompassing divine Mother; the consort of the eternal Consciousness, or Paramatma Together, both constitute all that there is. Each living being is believed to contain a fragment, or amsa, of that greater divine. So somewhere along, we are all divine; it is just about discovering that connection!

The retreat is open to all levels. 

About the retreat

You will be teached you how to deepen and evolve your practice. It is equally benefitting for beginners, long time practionars of yoga and even teachers.​​ You will practice basic and higher level Yoga technics to re-engineer yourself, towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Hosting small groups (max. 6) to enhance individual attention to the practitioners and no competition, you will do yoga to get to know your body better and to feel the connection between mind, breath and body. There will also be enough time to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the sun, the sea, the mountains and the relaxed Greek life.

Where you will stay

The hosts have prepared an itinerary for you in Koroni around a beautiful campus area with a panoramic sea view. This original country house resonates instantly a feeling of cosiness and looks like a refuge for those who want to nest in a comfortable summer house and enjoy the goods of the coastal country-life. The view is spectacular, overlooking the wild landscape and the sea. Low lighting, fresh air, sun, wild nature and the best: less than 10 min gentle walk from the sea! 

Retreat to be led by Yoga guru from India, Siddhartha Shiv Khanna (SivaOm Greece) and Greek yoga teacher Marianna Malliaroudaki. (Anassan Yoga Shala)

About Koroni

Koroni is located on the southwest side of Peloponnese, in Messinia prefecture. Its distance from Athens is 280 km and only 51 km from the capital of Messinia, Kalamata city. Βilt opposite to the impressive Taigetos mountain, with nice beaches, traditional houses and a dominant Venetian castle! During the retreat you will be able to visit the impressive village of Methoni, Polilimnio waterfalls and Ancient Heritage site of Messini.

How to get there 

The hosts are looking forward to meet you! Their goal is to help you live a unique experience which will remain in your memory forever. To provide the best experience possible, the arrival for the retreat is one day before it begins and they have made arrangements in Koroni to pick you up at an allotted time from the Kalamata Airport, the time of which you shall be informed upon your booking. Your departure shall be the day after the retreat finishes, in the morning, for which they shall duly drop back to Kalamata Airport. In case you are travelling from athens, you can take a bus from KTEL (inter city bus service) to Kalamata from where they can pick you up or go directly to Koroni.

For your ease here is the weblink for the schedule of ATHENS - KALAMATA - KORONI bus service http://www.ktelmessinias.gr/?module=default&pages_id=45&lang=en 

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