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Syros Run 2018

The Sporting Event of Syros! 

The Sporting Event of Syros! 

The Region of South Aegean, the Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis and the Athletic Cultural Association “Syros Runners” co-organise street races of 2,5 km, 5km and 10 km for men and women and parallel races for children – 100m ( for children of pre-school age), 300m ( for children aged between 6 -10 years old) and 500m ( for children over 11 years old) on Saturday 26th May 2018 in Syros.

Syros Run 2018

The men and women races will be held according to the terms below:

DISTANCE: 2,5 km/ 5km /10 km
PLACE: Hermoupolis Syros
DATE: Saturday 26th May 2018
PLACE: Miaoulis Square
ROUTE: The routes will be held in a public street which is paved and fully guarded.
MAXIMUM DURATION OF RACES : 1 ½ hour for the men’s /women’s races.
The children’s races will take place at the same time as well.

Races for Children 100,300 and 500m.

PLACE: Hermoupolis Syros
DATE: Saturday 26th May 2018
100m ( for children of pre-school age) : 20:00
300m ( for children aged between 6 -10 years old) : 20:10
500m ( for children over 11 years old) : 20:20
START AND FINISH: Miaoulis Square
ROUTE : The routes will be held in a public street which is paved and fully guarded.


All the routes take place in a paved, flat by 90%, circular route, on the coast of Hermoupolis. For more information about the routes visit the official website of the organization: 


A) The races are opened to all women /men and all athletes over 18 years old to participate. Minors who would like to take part must present a statement of consent by their parent/guardian.

B) Registration for minors
In case of minor participants in the 100, 300,and 500- meter road race the entry form must be submitted by the acting parental care and custody guardian/parent. Only by submitting the relevant entry form and the statement of consent of the parent can a child participate in the event. It is posted on the website of the organization and will also be available on the previous day of the races at the registration desk.


Winners are the first 3 athletes (separately men /women) of every race.

A medal will be awarded to the first three winners for every race of men/women according to their place (gold-silver – bronze)
The first man and the first woman of each race will be also awarded with a cup.
There will not be age categories.
All athletes who finish the races will be given a medal of the race.


Registration can be done online by filling in the registration form on our website, by Sunday 20th May 2018. Individuals will be able to register one day before the races at the registration desk which will be in Miaoulis Square.


  • The cost of participation for the 2,5/5/10 km is 5 euros regardless of age. The participation for the children races is free.
  • The payment can be done in one of the following ways:
  • With a deposit in the account of bank Piraeus with IBAN: GR56 0171 6730 0066 7313 8086 476/name of beneficiary: Athletic Cultural Association Runners Syros
  • Payment to the chemist’s named “Makridakis” in Stamatiou Proiou Street 3, Hermoupolis 84100


An ambulance with medical and nursing personnel will be available (standing-by) at Syros’ Hospital.

There will be one person in the area of the races to offer first aid. In any case all the participants take place with their own responsibility. The organizers have no responsibility of anything that might occur, during the races, in connection to health issues due to lack of a medical check-up.

It is recommended that the participants have recently undergone a medical examination. Participants are not required to submit a medical certificate to the organizers. Participation in Syros Run is at your own responsibility. The organizers cannot be held responsible for any injuries which is self inflicted or otherwise incurred in connection with the race. Regarding children parents/guardians are responsible for them.


At the finishing line all participants will be given a bottle of mineral water, bananas and juice.


The electronic timing of the all men/women races as well as the publication of results will be undertaken by a timing company. There will be electronic control and timing mats at the starting point, the reversal and the finishing line. The competitors who will not present an electronic sign in the reported places will be cancelled.
In the children’s races there will not be electronic timing.


The unofficial results will be announced on our website right after the end of the races, giving the opportunity to anyone who might be interested to submit an objection within 2 calendar days.
The official results will be announced within 3 calendar days.


The award ceremony will take place at 20:30 at the start-up/finish area.


Athletes can receive their numbers the day before the races from 17:30 to 21:00 at Miaoulis Square as well as on the day of the races one hour before their race. For minor runners, the responsible guardian will have to submit the required statement in order to receive their entry number.
Athletes must be at the start up at least 15 minutes earlier than their race.


Any discount on ferry tickets, hotels etc. will be announced on the website of the event

For information you can call in the afternoons at the following phone numbers:

– 6974447693, Mr. Lagoudakis Stratos and

– 6937321657 mrs. Louiza Varthalitou

–e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

– and on our website 


  • The committee can change the racing and timing schedule, depending on the athletes’ participation. The athletes with their own responsibility should keep themselves updated for any changes.
  • For anything else that isn’t included in the announcement, the athletic committee is in charge of all the explanations and enquiries.

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