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Tsagarada Escape Festival in Pelion Magnesia

The Tsagarada Mountain & Maritime Festival! Save the date: 21-24/06/2018 

The Tsagarada Mountain & Maritime Festival! Save the date: 21-24/06/2018 

The Tsagarada Escape Festival is a targeted action to highlight and promote alternative tourism and outdoor activities as one of the key pillars for the region's tourist development. Let us emphasize that the unique characteristics of the peninsula, with the unique combination of a magnificent coastline with diverse fields and a mountainous area rich in vegetation and biodiversity, which starts a few meters above the beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea and the Pagasetic Gulf, make Pelion the ideal place for a multitude of nature-related activities.

The event is a multi-faceted project, based on cooperation, collectivity and co-formation among the members of the Tsangarada Association, the trainers who have undertaken the planning and execution of activities, sports clubs such as Volos Shooting Club and Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing of Anchialos and volunteer groups and individuals who organized the event.

It is a none profit event and participation is free of charge.

It lasts four days and includes a multitude of activities such as Canyoning, Hiking, Horse Riding, Marine Kayaking, SUP, Archery, Flying fox, Climbing, Rappel, Paintball and Yoga. Some of these are the standard activities of the event to-date and some others rotate, enriching events every year.

The festival also includes a series of parallel events such as thematic workshops (Flora, Herbs and wild orchids of Pelion, Pelion in the passage of time, Equestrian tourism, Paths of Pelion, etc.) first aid and lifeguard seminars, projection of related films, thematic speeches and concerts of Greek and foreign music. 

The two volunteering organizations, EPIZO and Life Guard Hellas, have undertaken the safety of the event, with responsibility and a full operational planning in the mountain and sea sections respectively.

Lets go!
Lets Escape!

You can find more information, videos, photos, etc. here:  Τsagarada Escape Festival / Φεστιβάλ Τσαγκαράδας 

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