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Childrens Mosaic Workshop in Lakonia

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Family activities in the wonderful Xirokambi village by Mosaic Art Greece!

WORKSHOP - CHILDRENS MOSAIC WORKSHOP WITH BEANS (suitable for children from 5 - 9 years old) 

AIM:  This 1 hour workshop will enable the children to  learn about mosaics as they create a mosaic using dry beans and other legumes. They will create a mosaic of their own, which will be made within the allotted time and will take home to enjoy.  
THE DEMONSTRATION: The "direct method" will be used to apply the beans.  Simple figures will be drawn on cardboard, then painting glue in a small portion of the design and placing different colour beans to result in a quite beautiful piece of mosaic art they will be proud to display.

Details of the workshop:
Duration:                    1 - 1 1/2  hours, From 10:00 a.m. - 11.00 or 11:30  α.m.
When:                        Upon request
Participants:                Min 2 and Max 6
Great for:                    Children
Experience:                 No previous mosaic experience necessary
Price:                         20 euros per person (includes VAT 24%)

General Information about the workshops:
All tools and materials required to make the mosaic including refreshments are provided by the studio.
Language: Fluent Engish and Greek speaking instructor
Parking: Free  just outside the workshop venue
Extra info & Advice: Although workshop aprons will be provided, it is recommended that each participant wear old clothes and flat shoes. Please bring a bottle of drinking water. In case of rain, the workshop area is covered.

*More workshops for adults and older children: Mosaic Art Workshops in Xirokambi Peloponnese

How to participate:
In order to participate, kindly send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., indicating which of the above workshops you are interested in, the exact date and how many participants will be attending.

The art of pebble mosaic:
The art of pebble mosaic paving has come down to us from the ancient Greeks of over 4000 years ago. Floors in pebble mosaic add that special touch of luxury and are often seen on Greek islands as well as in mainland Greece. Even so, it is an art form that is still evolving. Pebble mosaic paving is at once both practical and decorative. It is ideal both indoors and out. Pebble mosaics adorn gardens, courtyards, paths, workplaces and exhibition areas, public squares, walkways, civic buildings, places of worship, museums, swimming pools, shops, spas and a host of other places too.

More information: & 

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