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The Hellenic Children’s Museum of Athens

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H.C.M.’s motto is the conviction that real objects, direct experiences and entertainment, support and enhance learning!

The Hellenic Children’s Museum is a non-profit organization of public welfare, legally established in Athens, Greece in 1987. The “Children’s Museum of Athens”: Established in December 1994 as a result of the collaboration between H.C.M and the Culture, Sports & Youth Organization of the City of Athens (OPANDA).

MISSION: The Hellenic Children’s Museum (H.C.M.) exists to encourage every child to discover, understand, learn, enjoy and shape the world in which (s)he lives with a respect for individuality and an emphasis on team work.

H.C.M.’s motto is the conviction that real objects, direct experiences and entertainment support and enhance learning.

Exhibits of the school year 2017-2018:

  • “The Kitchen”
  • “The market”
  • “Hello Pythagoras”
  • “The Museum of the Greek alphabet letters”
  • “I build and I create”
  • “Into the water”
  • “How do I move?”
  • “The Us and the Them”
  • “The great grandfather’s and great grandmother’s house”

Also, there is a “Family centre” (especially for children up to 3 years old and their families).
Special services: Educational programs in English upon request

Address: Athens Conservatoire Building, Rigillis Str. & 17-19, Vas. Georgiou B’ Str. 106 75, Athens.
Tel.: +30 2103312995-6, Fax: +30 2103241919

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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