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Through their wide array our tours and destinations, they will satisfy even the most demanding bikers amongst you, but more importantly offer an experience you will truly love and commemorate.

Get to know Mountaineering Skiing with Lukas Pratilas, director of the outdoor activities company Nature In Action and qualified mountaineering and climbing instructor.

What about a "stroll" to famous archaeological sites, historic alleys, thermal baths, unique wetlands, fabulous rivers and trails, holy grounds, beaches of all kinds and local flavors?

Nestled in the lap of the Agrafa mountain range, this lake is formed by four rivers and is easily accessible from both Karpenisi and Agrinio. We preferred the second option to discover other unknown beauties on our route...

Surrounded by imposing mountain tops, Valia Calda is a unique monument of nature. Follow the traces of the bear and travel into a world made of dreams...

Walks next to the waves, beautiful excursions on wooded slopes with bustling rivers and impressive waterfalls.  In the meantime, the octopuses are roasting on the grill, waiting for us, even though it rains.

Greece is not just the islands! There is also the other Greece, the non-touristic side of it, such as Roumeli, Agrafa, Tzoumerka. Places, that do not stop surprising you and it`s up to you to discover them.

Small villages, nestled in the arms of vast landscapes, unspoiled by the city, enthrone their visitors at the top of a different Greece.

We are inviting you in a unique tour in the language and culture of Greece!

Two neighboring islands in the center of the Cyclades, Delos in the ancient world and Mykonos in the modern world, seem to be destined to attract people and gods as a magnet. 

Nafplio is a sensual, picturesque and romantic city, with imposing Venetian castles, magnificent squares, neoclassical mansions, Turkish mosques and one of the most beautiful pedestrian coastal streets in Greece. Nafplio is without a doubt, one of the most favorite destinations.

G&I Custom Luxury Travel wanted to experience the hidden gems of Mani (which is based in the Peloponnese, approximately 200 km from Athens) and the secrets behind producing Greek authentic Olive Oil. 

The Amfikaia farm is a warm hospitable place, as well as being a living, breathing farm, with its daily programme and maintenance tasks. If you so wish, you will have an unforgettable taste of farm life by participating, at will, in it's daily activities.

"Sachinidis" products are based on traditional recipes and are catered towards the need to respond to the ever-growing nutritional demands and needs in today’s world!

When we talk about tradition and alternative tourism we can not exclude Greek traditional good food!

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