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The neighborhood of Top Town and the top 5 reasons to become a "resident"

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In a world where everything is constantly changing and with technology evolving rapidly, the use of the internet has skyrocketed, since it undoubtedly offers important facilities in your daily life!

The internet has an answer for everything! Isn't right?

How many times have you searched the internet for the best... the best bars, the best hair salons, the best beauty salons and many more of the best? Because of course we all want the best!
The statistics say so!

"Where should I go on Saturday for quality food with my company?
Where will I drink the best cocktails in the Center of Athens?
Who are the top hairdressers in Glyfada?
Where do they offer the best beauty services?
I need a professional massage! Where can I find in my area?”
and other infinite quests, some more complicated and some simpler!

And depending on what type of person you are, you'll either choose between the first three results - assuming they're also the best - and whatever comes out, or you'll spend hours reading reviews, cross-referencing and generally pretending the Sherlock Holmes of the internet to end up with some uncertain results again, overloading your brain with whether Eleni K. from Marousi is a real person and really ate the best salad of her life or is Anastasis from the advertising company who wants to increase the business's clientele and writes reviews...

Moreover, how many times have you randomly passed through an alley in your neighborhood and you see a cozy shop and think:

"Wow, this is awesome! I have to come!"

But then you completely forget about it…

We take for granted the existence of the most "simple" structures of everyday life, such as the neighborhood and the products they shape it. The neighborhood where we live, the neighborhood where we work, where we like to walk or is simply on the way to our destination...
Businesses new or old in small alleys or in main streets - which may not have caught your attention at first glance or you didn't know existed - and which were created with passion and love to offer you the best services.

These businesses aim to make you a regular customer by earning your trust and respect and they survive by the contribution of yours and the friends you bring along. And yes, you will tell me where to find them, that there are many and that not all of them are of good quality or worthy... and you will be right! That's why Top Town is here!

The Top Town community actively contributes to the support of local products, the businesses that are the "heart" of the city and deserve a place in yours!

At Top Town they recognize the multiple needs of today's life and provide quick, but quality solutions in ONE place. It is your own personalized top guide of suggestions and information about what is happening next to you, in your city, in your neighborhood, which rewards you every moment!

Why you should trust Top Town:

  • It gives you direct access to the top businesses, by industry and activity area, so you can easily find what suits you.
  • It reduces the time and risk of choosing a business, since it gathers information and evaluations of the largest social networks on the market, while also contributing with its own system, putting an end to your chaotic information.
  • It is reliable and meritocratic by presenting businesses that meet specific criteria for their inclusion and classification on the platform, which are drawn by technological means from public data.
  • It allows you to rate top businesses, collect points and redeem them for fantastic gifts based on your preferences in the innovative Top Club reward system, stay updated with suggestions and advice on topical issues in the Top Blog and soon make reservations.
  • It offers the space and technological means for local businesses to communicate with old and new customers that will enhance their value.

In summary, Top Town means:

  1. Trusted source of information as it is the only guide to top businesses!
  2. Improving your quality of life and strengthening local entrepreneurship!
  3. Gifts with value and with your value, because your time and opinion count!

Register now easily and quickly and find anything Top you need at or download the Top Town application on iOS or Android.

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