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Alternative proposals in Marathopolis Messinia

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Alternative Vacations? Greece has many choices and one of them is in Marathopolis, Messinia! proposes: activities, accommodation, food and drinks!

The traditional fishing village of Marathopolis and Lagouvardos beach in western Messinia, are holiday destinations all year long for families, young people and the elderly, in just 3 hours distance from Athens.

The area has it all and awaits you to enjoy it! Sightseeing, beaches, archaeological sites, castles, pristine small islands, restaurants and fish taverns next to the waves, entertainment, nature trails for hiking, cycling, jogging, water sports in Lagouvardos, scuba diving, kayak in Gialova and much more for all tastes!

The beautiful harbor of Marathopolis

The emblem of Marathopolis is the island of Proti, where it takes a 4-minute boat ride from the small harbor to go there, where you will swim in the pristine little Vourlia beach and for those who want something more, you can discover its wild beauty on foot, with the appropriate shoes for hiking because the islet has no paths, neither roads!

The islet "Proti"

 Vourlia Beach


Food: The "Argyris" Fish Tavern  (
Accommodation: Lagouvardos Apartments (
Entertainment: Albatross Seaside Cafe - Bar (
Alternative activities (hiking, water sports, etc.): Beach Break Lagouvardos (
Scuba Diving Ionian Dive Center (

Enjoying the view at "Argyris" Tavern

Diving under the guidance of the Ionian Dive Center in the crystal clear waters of Marathopolis

Ready to surf with Beachbreak Lagouvardos

Trip distances from Marathopolis:

  • 3' for Lagouvardos beach (water sports, beach bar, organized beach)
  • 10' to the island of Proti from Marathopolis • 8' to the city of Gargaliani (bank, supermarket, shops)
  • 20' to Stomios Beach (towards Filiatra) and for Chryssi Akti / Mati Beach
  • 25' to the Costa Navarino resort • 26' to Kyparissia
  • 30' to Voidokillia and Gialova
  • 40' to Pylos
  • 50' to Kalamata airport
  • 55' to Methoni
  • 1 hour to Ancient Messini and Kalamata and 1hour 10' to Ancient Olympia (from the road to Pyrgos)

Text & Photos: George Goutzioupas  

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