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Paradise Chalet in Ano Trikala, Corinth

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Do you want to combine during your holidays the tranquillity of the mountain with a friendly and cosy atmosphere? Are you interested in a luxurious expedition near Athens, in a resort with fresh and clean air? We have the perfect solution for you!

The Paradise Chalet is located in Ano Trikala in Corinth and provides two luxurious and organized chalets of Finnish architecture, that give you the feeling of being in Scandinavia.


The interior of each chalet consists of two different levels. It has 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen for the needs of the whole family or friends. In addition, it is equipped with a barbeque and a dining room for six people. All rooms feature heat convectors to set the right temperature for a pleasant stay. The view of the Corinthian Gulf and Ziria`s fir forest is unobstructed, offering you unlimited moments of peace and relaxation, away from the city's dungeon.

Holidays combined with excursions in nature:

Excursions into the nature are one of the main concerns of people who choose mountain tourism. The Paradise Chalet is ideally located for a variety of mountain activities throughout the year.

Hiking: Mountain Corinth offers many enjoyable hiking trails for nature lovers and climbers. One of the most enchanting routes is the Varnevo - Flambouritsa trail. The trail starts from the 6th km of the Trikala - Ziria road and descends to the gorge of Flambouritsa. The path with the flora and the amazing natural reserve of Flampouritsa`s valley will enchant you, as you approach to the meadows of the springs of the river Sytha.

Horseback Riding:

The Riding Center is located just before the Trikala villages in the area of Rethy. The center started its operation in September 2006 and is constantly increasing its activities. It features excellent facilities, specialized staff and well-trained horses, ideal for your rides on the plateau of Ziria. Also, the facilities include an archery area with all necessary equipment.

Excursion to Lake Doxa:

Lake Doxa is an artificial lake at an altitude of 900 meters, located in the Ancient Feneos of Corinth. Its construction was completed in the late 1990s and was based on the torrent Doxa which flows out in that area. In the past, the lake has been flooded several times, covering with water the entire Feneos plain and destroying the crops of the area. In the center of the lake is the chapel of Agios Fanourios. Previously there was the Monastery of St. George, but due to the floods it was moved in a short distance from its original location, up to a nearby hill. Very close to the lake, there is the village Goura.

Visit Xylokastro (especially in summer):

This seaside destination is in short distance of Trikala in Corinth. Xylokastro, every summer receives thousands of visitors and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Peloponnese. Points of interest are the pine forest of Pefkia and the beaches of the area. It is 120 km from Athens and 100 km from Patras.

Paradise Chalet
Trikala, Corinth 
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