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Greece has Soul - Extreme Aerial Dancing by Katerina Soldatou and her team

Voluntary Actions in Greece
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“Greece has soul” because people have the abilities and passion to dream and inspire others to do the same!

I’m Katerina Soldatou, the initiator of “Greece has Soul” and dance is my big passion. Together with my team we travel to different places and destinations of unique beauty and great historical significance, capturing the essence of Greece.

Greek culture, historical monuments, geological multiplicity and the endless blue of the sea is our driving force.  The project signifies the importance of art, which has roots in ancient Greece. Αrt stimulates mind and emotion, shapes consciousness and creates ideas and vision.

The powerfull image as an outcome has another purpose at the same time which is to ensure the protection of nature and beauty approaching the environmental awareness with a unique way.

Our journey so far was not easy and we had to overcome many obstacles. From the bridges of Rio Antirio, Chalkida, Corinth and Tatarna, to the rocks and caves of Meteora... From the Aegean to the Ionian… From rivers to coasts and canyons, like the Vikos gorge...

We very much depend upon the help from the Ministry, Municipalities and Local Authorities, especially in terms of licensing and financial support which is very limited today. We are addressing those who would like to contribute to our work and we are asking for support and sponsorship for our project.

More Information:
Katerina Soldatou 
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