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Cracker Sachinidis - The ideal mediterranean snack!

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"Sachinidis" products are based on traditional recipes and are catered towards the need to respond to the ever-growing nutritional demands and needs in today’s world!

"Sahinidis Bakeries" have been for almost half a century now offering their customers pure products, made with passion. They use products with high nutritional value such as rye, sesame, linseed, Omega-3 fatty acids and several more. They select pure ingredients avoiding all those elements that can prove harmful to our health such as gluten, conservatives, frozen doughs, colourings, flavor enhancers and other chemicals.  


Since the establishment of the bakery up until today, the team put forth their best efforts on a daily basis so that you can enjoy flavors that you can truly trust.

In addition, "Sahinidis Bakeries" produce the delicious "Sahinidis Cracker". It's a handmade and very thin cracker, with eight cereal grains, suitable for a balanced nutrition.

It is ideal for serving with a salmon dip or with melted cheese, olive paste, etc. It can also be used to make croutons for salads, or as an alternative to corn flakes, mixed with milk or yoghurt. It it an excellent snack to be served with drinks or parmesan cheese.

It contains the precious Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Where to find:

  • Sahinidis Bakeries.
  • Super Market Sklavenitis.
  • In selected delicatessen in Athens.

We tasted and we were thrilled! 

Sachinidis Bakeries
Mantzouraki Street 2, Filothei-Psychiko
T: +30 210 6926286
Ε: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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