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The Byzantine and Christian Museum

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The Byzantine and Christian Museum is one of the most important museums internationally for the art and culture of the Byzantine and the Post – Byzantine era.

Its permanent exhibition, housed in a modern building of 4,500 square meters, covers an extended period of history, from the 3rd century to the 20th century AD. Objects from all Museum Collections, portable icons, mosaics, wall paintings, jewelry, sculptures, wood-carvings, metalwork, coins, manuscripts, early-printed books, drawings, engravings, textiles and pottery, are displayed within thematic sections revealing the cultural context of their creation. Following the course of history from Constantinople’s foundation by the emperor Constantine the Great in 323 AD to the Establishment of Modern Greek State in 1832, the permanent exhibition takes you on a journey exploring everyday life aspects, Christian worship, life and death perceptions, education and artistic creation of Byzantine and modern Greek culture.

Byzantine and Christian Museum
22 Vas. Sofias Ave., 106 75 Athens

General admission: 8 €
Free admission: under 18 years old

For more information about the opening hours visit the website of the Byzantine and Christian Museum: 

Calling center: (+30) 213 213 9517
Communication Office: (+30) 213 213 9572,
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